Monday, November 05, 2007

Rudy Afraid of Being Struck By Lighting

Rudy Giuliani began his remarks at this Benedictine college by stating, "If I look a little shaky, it’s because the last time I was I was almost struck by lighting."

Giuliani was referring to the June Republican debate, in which during his answer on abortion, lighting affected the communications system.

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Anonymous said...

That's "lightning," not "lighting."

And it was interesting that he went on about it at such length, including mentioning that St. A is a Benedictine school, and that the lightning-strike question (on abortion, though he didn't mention that fact) was "God-related," which is a strange statement from someone so vigorously pro-choice.

Essentially, the nominally Catholic Giuliani joked about incurring the wrath of God for supporting abortion rights. While the guest of a Catholic school. And didn't see anything inappropriate about that.