Monday, November 05, 2007

Edwards Returns for Two Day Visit

On Tuesday, November 6th and Wednesday, November 7th, Senator John Edwards will return to New Hampshire for two days of Graniteroots campaigning.

His return to New Hampshire follows his commanding debate performance where he highlighted the need for a leader who can bring real change to Washington, not more of the status quo that puts corporate interests first.

November 6th

Newmarket Town Hall with John Edwards
Stone Church
5 Granite St., Newmarket

Portsmouth Town Hall with John Edwards
South Church
292 State St., Portsmouth

Durham Town Hall with John Edwards
UNH, Holloway Commons, Durham

November 7th

Politics and Eggs
Bedford Village Inn
2 Olde Bedford Way, Bedford

Amherst Town Hall with John Edwards
Amherst Middle School Auditorium
14 Cross St., Amherst.

NOTE – Not open to the general public due to school security.

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