Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Edwards Outlines Plan To Deal With Iran

Yesterday, John Edwards outlined a five-point strategy to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions.

"As a nation, we stand today at a fork in the road with Iran. We have a real choice about the direction we’ll take. One path will replay the last seven years. It leads toward a dark future of belligerence, aggression, and war. We need a new direction—one that will defuse the Iran threat, rather than aggravate it, one that will make America safer, not make the world more dangerous," Edwards said in a campaign press release.

Here is the Edwards plan:

-First and foremost, end the preventive war doctrine.
-Second, use tougher and more targeted economic sanctions to force Iran’s leaders to understand that they cannot continue to buck the will of the international community without destroying their ability to be a modern, advanced nation.
-Third, use incentives to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions and re-join the world community.
-Fourth, reengage with Iran using a new multi-level diplomatic approach.
-Fifth, reengage with other major nations like Russia and China on the challenges facing Iran.

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