Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Edwards Proposes Plan To Make Safer Imports

From The Edwards Campaign:

Today, Senator John Edwards detailed his latest proposals for protecting children and families from unsafe imports at forum with students at a middle school in Amherst, New Hampshire. Edwards unveiled his plans for protecting Americans from dangerous toys, strengthening food safety, ensuring that drug imports are safe, and taking on special interests to put Washington back on the side of regular families.

"America is facing a crisis of quality in imported products, food and medicine," Edwards said. "We can no longer rely on corporations to initiate recall after recall while our government sits on the sidelines and our nation's children and families remain at serious risk. Multinational corporations' race to cut costs by offshoring the production of drugs, toys and other consumer goods has come at the price of quality and safety."

Today's plan will:

· Put Washington Back on the Side of Regular Families
· Protect American Children from Unsafe Toys
· Keep America's Food Safe
· Ensure Safe Drug Imports

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