Friday, November 09, 2007

McCain Questions Rudy's Level of Experience

This morning, while talking to reporters on the Straight Talk Express, Senator John McCain questioned Rudy Giuliani's level of experience.

When discussing Rudy's stance on torture, McCain said,

"It's a fundamental lack of experience, knowledge of, I mean it's great to have lead a major city. I mean his post-crisis handling was fine. But that certainly doesn't mean you're qualified to lead."

McCain also said that that it "means he clearly doesn't understand the moral implications of torturing someone."

The Arizona Senator said that he would not have appointed Bernie Kerik to be the Secretary of Homeland Security because Kerik failed to train the Iraqi police forces.

"I would never have supported him to be Secretary of Homeland Secretary because of his irresponsible act in Baghdad."

Kerik was suggested to be Secretary by Rudy Giuliani. The former New York City police chief will soon be indicted for a serious of white-collar crimes.

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