Thursday, November 08, 2007

Biden Calls Richardson's Foreign Policy "All Over The Board"

After announcing his policy on Pakistan, Delaware Senator Joe Biden criticized Bill Richardson’s stance on Iraq.

“Bill has been so all over the board on his foreign policy. First he endorsed the Biden plan on getting out of Iraq, then he says get them all out in three months, then he says he no six months, then he says no a year and now it’s back to whatever it is.”

“I think Bill is banking on that portion of the Democratic Party that just wants to hear get out tomorrow or yesterday,” Biden said.

When asked if it is irresponsible for Richardson to argue he could pull all the troops out of Iraq, Biden added, “I think Bill knows that you can’t get the forces out.”

When asked about his lack of campaigning in the Granite State, Biden said “I have not pulled out my people like John Edwards has, I have not pulled out my people like the Governor has, I have not pulled out my people like Dodd has, to the best of my knowledge. We still have an organization that we’re building.”

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