Monday, November 05, 2007

Obama Announces Support from 68 New Hampshire Republicans

From The Obama Campaign:

Sixty-eight New Hampshire Republicans announce today that they have changed party registration to vote for Barack Obama in the primary. Many of these voters have never supported a Democrat before, but they see Obama as the only candidate in either party who has the character to be honest about where he'll take the country, and the only candidate who has a proven record of bringing people together for real change.

The following New Hampshire Republicans publicly announced that they had switched parties to vote for Obama:

Richard Adams, Portsmouth, NH
Samuel Aldridge, Gilford, NH
Colette Awad, Hudson, NH
Shirley Barrett, Dover, NH
Kurt Bellows, Londonderry, NH
Marge Bonneville, Lochmere, NH
Roger Brickner, Haverhill, NH
Rhona Brown, Seabrook, NH
Nancy Bruce, Exeter, NH
Philip Cassady, Merrimack, NH
Ellen Dunbar, Peterborough, NH
James Elberfeld, Nashua, NH
Shirley Elliot, Antrim, NH
Barbara Fegley, Center Barnstead, NH
Roy Foltan, Bath, NH
Raymond Gagnon, Barrington, NH
Stephen Gambone, Hanover, NH
Gregory Geheb, Nashua, NH
Fred Harwood, Bedford, NH
Brenda Heon, Somersworth, NH
Michael Hill, Pittsfield, NH
John Hutson, Bow, NH
Cecilia Johnson, Wilmot, NH
William Johnson, Weare, NH
Peter Kayros, Bow, NH
Carol Knight, Hillsborough, NH
George Kurzon, Peterborough, NH
Sarah Kurzon, Peterborough, NH
John Laderoute, Pelham, NH
Virginia Lamberton, Loudon, NH
Edward Largy, Bradford, NH
Angela Lawhorn, Nashua, NH
Patrice Lenzi, Barrington, NH
Clement Lyon, Loudon, NH
Ruth Lyon, Loudon, NH
David Maleham, Milton Mills, NH
Gail Malone, Laconia, NH
Christine Manns, Barrington , NH
Frances Marshall, Concord, NH
Mary Mattise, Amherst, NH
Barbara Mendes, Exeter, NH
Robert McNichol, Bow, NH
Linda McVay, Portsmouth, NH
Anne Middleton, Stratham, NH
Betsy Moore, Conway, NH
Nancy Morehardt, Milford, NH
Mary Morin, Raymond, NH
Olympia O'Neill, Derry, NH
Martha Pasquali, Laconia, NH
Trisha Perin, Hampton, NH
David Pinsonneault, Amherst, NH
Rebecca Pirelli, Milford, NH
Robert Pollard, Portsmouth, NH
Thomas Powers, Thornton, NH
Janet Prevatt, Strafford, NH
Robert Richard, Manchester, NH
Caroline Russell, Meredith, NH
Jane Sander, Rye, NH
Lisa Segal-Bator, Bow, NH
Paul Shea, Pelham, NH
Diane Smaracko, Rollinsford, NH
Stephen Smith, Center Barnstead, NH
Jerry Spivak, Nashua, NH
Isabelle Stache, Manchester, NH
Susan Sundell, Salem, NH
Lawrence Varga, Derry, NH
Priscilla Wentworth, Raymond, NH
Janet Wesson, Springfield, NH


Anonymous said...

This is utterly ridiculous.

Obama has no track record, is not that swift, won't end the war either...

These people were never republicans I can assure you. Just go look up the records!

Anonymous said...

I know for sure that one of them from my town is no and never has been a Republican. Desperation is setting in at the Obama camp!

Anonymous said...

John Hutson, Dean of Franklin Pierce Law School was a Republican. I do not know about the others.