Sunday, November 04, 2007

Edwards Campaign Manager Meets with Mill Workers

From The Edwards Campaign:

Edwards for President National Campaign Manager Congressman David Bonior and Edwards endorser Maine Congressman Mike Michaud met with mill workers at the United Steel Workers Local 61 union hall in Groveton, NH today to discuss the mill’s imminent closure and John Edwards’ bold policies to stand up for hardworking Americans in rural towns like Groveton.

“What’s happening in rural towns like Groveton is wrong, and it’s happening because bad trade deals like NAFTA get passed thanks to the powerful voice of moneyed corporate lobbyists,” said Bonior. “As president, John Edwards will take on the special interests that lead to bad trade deals and put our government back to work for the people. He will never sign a trade deal that does not benefit American workers.”

The paper mill in Groveton, which is slated to close this December, will leave 303 mill workers unemployed right before Christmas. This is the second mill in Groveton to close in recent years, and adds to the job loss caused by the recent mill closures in nearby Berlin, NH.

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