Monday, November 26, 2007

1,000 New Hampshire Indie Voters To Vote for Obama

From The Obama Campaign:

More than 1000 undeclared New Hampshire voters announced their intention to vote for Senator Barack Obama in the Democratic primary today. Citing his straightforward, principled approach and track record of putting results ahead of partisan political maneuvering, the Granite State independents endorsed Obama as the candidate they believe in to bring real change to Washington.

"I'm tired of watching the Democrats and Republicans in Washington play political games while millions of Americans remain uninsured, the disastrous Iraq war goes on with no end in sight, and global warming goes unchecked," said Russ Ouellete, an undeclared voter from Bedford. "It's time for a President who will stop promising change and actually rise above the partisan gridlock to deliver on it. Obama is the one candidate in this race who can bring people together to put real results ahead of party politics."

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Draft Gore New Hampshire said...

Where can one find the list of the names of the 1000 independents who support Obama?

F.S. Seiler, State Coordinator
Draft Gore New Hampshire