Monday, November 26, 2007

Susan Lynch Endorses Clinton

The Boston Globe has learned that Susan Lynch, the wife of New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, will endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Mrs. Lynch is a doctor in Concord.

The announcement will be made this afternoon in Concord.

Governor Lynch is not expected to endorse a candidate, though there are rumors he might endorse a couple of weeks before the primary.

***UPDATE: The Clinton campaign released the following statement:

Dr. Susan Lynch, Pediatrician and First Lady of New Hampshire, today announced she has endorsed Hillary for President. Dr. Lynch will serve as a national campaign Co-chair.

“I know Hillary Clinton and I believe she has the judgment, experience, passion and bipartisan record to get things done for the people of this country,” Dr. Lynch said. “As a mother and as a pediatrician, I share Hillary Clinton’s commitment to fighting for children and families. We face big challenges, and I believe Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to deliver the changes we need.”

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