Monday, November 26, 2007

Dodd Announces "New Hampshire Women for Dodd"

Dodd also announced today the 49 members of his "New Hampshire Women for Dodd" steering committee. Details of the plan, as well as Dodd's record on these issues, are attached below. The full list of the New Hampshire Women for Dodd Steering Committee is included as well.

Women for Dodd Steering Committee:
Jillian Andrews - Chichester
Arlene Atkinson - Concord
Sherri Basso - Hampton
Dr. .Elizabeth Birnie - Deerfield
Judi Blumenthal - Fremont
Kathryn Braun - Fremont
Andrea Calandrella - Lebanon
Beth Campbell - Concord
Denise Castonguay - Holderness
Janet Cataldo - Hooksett
Shannon Chandley - Amherst
Mary Cook - Dover
Joan Crimlisk - Derry
Hon. Fran Egbers - Former State Representative - Manchester
Mary Lou Grevatt - Gilford
Grace Johnson - Grantham
Kathleen Kelley - School Board Member at Large - Manchester
Pauline Kelley - Manchester
Jane Kelliher - Salem
Patsy Kendall - Plymouth
Cindy Lamagdelaine - Somersworth
Kaili Lambe - Hanover
Lillian Leclerc - Manchester
Peggy Little - Lyme
Mary Mahar - Amherst
Dr. Paula Mahon - Derry
Connie Margowsky - Town Democratic Chair - Somersworth
Zelma McKinney - Manchester
Gail Mitchell - Barrington
Valery Mitchell - Concord
Hon. Marcia Moody - State Representative - Newmarket
Hon. Catherine Mulholland - State Representative - Grafton
Marcie Mullaney - New Boston
Kelsea Perreault - Exeter
Bobbi Ricci - Exeter
Muriel Ring - Somersworth
Hon. Emma Rous - State Representative - Durham
Sue Russel - Chair of Newbury Democratic Committee - Newbury
Laura Simoes - Concord
Hon. Sandra Smith - State Representative - Manchester
Hon. Mary Stuart Gile - State Representative - Concord
Lisa Sullivan - Manchester
Pauline Sullivan - Manchester
Susan Sullivan Simpson - Manchester
Hon. Cynthia Sweeney - Sullivan County Treasurer - Charlestown
Erika Thorsell - City Democratic Chair - Concord
Anna Tilton - Cheshire County Register of Probate - Keene
Barbara Tsairis - Exeter
Cinde Warmington - Gilford

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