Saturday, December 01, 2007

Biden Passionate About Vets

Speaking at New England College’s College Convention, Joe Biden spent most of his time discussing Iraq and the Middle East.

“Iraq is like a big bulder stuck in the middle of the road. Until we move it America cannot regain credibility in the world,” Biden said.

Biden added that America will be unable to deal with domestic, and other international issues, until Iraq is deal with.

“Iraq is sucking all the oxygen out of the room,” Biden told the group of 120 students.

The Delaware Senator was most passionate when discussing benefits for Iraqi benefits.

“You think I’m upset, it’s because I am,” Biden admitted.

The three-day convention is comprised of college and high students from throughout the country.

Cassie Alsfeld, student body president of LSU, said she came to the conference to hear the candidates’ position on the recovery effort.

After speaking with Biden, she said “I was interested in what he was going to do with the recovery process. He seems to be a advocate of Louisiana.”

However, she added “I can’t decide until I get answers from my questions.”

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