Sunday, November 25, 2007

McCain Wins Dartmouth CR Poll

Senator John McCain has won his first Granite State straw poll.

Last week, the Dartmouth College Republicans sponsored a straw poll of its 300 members. These results are unscientific but fun to report.

McCain: 23 (25.6%)
Giuliani: 20 (22.2%)
Paul: 19 (21.1%)
Romney: 11 (12.2%)
Huckabee: 10 (11.1%)
Thompson: 4 (4.4%)
Undecided: 3 (3.3%)
Tancredo: 0
Hunter: 0

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As the primary gets closer expect more of these sort of polls. This week, St. Anselm College is sponsoring a vote of the entire student body.

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