Thursday, November 29, 2007

Buckley To Request Delegate Waiver

From The New Hampshire Democratic Party:

The Rules and By-Laws Committee of the Democratic National Committee will meet Saturday morning in Vienna, Virginia to decide whether New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan will be sanctioned for holding their primaries on dates out of compliance with the pre-approved calendar. The below letter from Chairman Buckley was sent to the Rules and By-Laws Committee asking for a waiver due to the recent decision of NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner to move the primary date.

If sanctioned, New Hampshire would automatically lose half of it's pledged delegates and all of it's unpledged delegates, bringing the total delegation down from 30 to 11. Any further sanctioning would be decided on Saturday at the committee meeting.

"I'm hopeful that the Democratic National Committee will hear my appeal for a waiver and choose a course supportive to our first-in-the-nation tradition," said Chairman Ray Buckley. "I hope it helps that I have known some of the committee members for a long time. I'm certainly not new on the scene and I will do my best to represent the importance to retail campaigning that New Hampshire remains first."

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