Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Obama's PAC Gave Money To New Hampshire Politicos

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Barack Obama has been using his Hopefund PAC to disburse money to politicians and activist groups in early primary states.

After hearing reading the report, the Clinton campaign released a statement that said "On the campaign trail, Senator Obama is outspoken about his desire to reform the campaign finance system so it was surprising to learn that he has been using his PAC in a manner that appears to be inconsistent with the prevailing election laws."

Today, we complied a complete list of Granite State politicians and Democratic groups who have received money from Obama's PAC. Over the last reporting period, Obama gave New Hampshire supporters and others a total of $73, 000.

The Committee to Elect House Democrats and Friends of a Democratic Senate each received $15,000. Congressman Paul Hodes and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter received $4,000. Hodes has endorsed Obama and is his New Hampshire campaign Co-Chair.

State Senators Janeway and Cilley also received a donation from Obama's PAC and endorsed the Illionis Senator. Cilley told The Washington Post ""There were no negotiations about financial remuneration. No quid pro quo. I endorsed him because I believe in him and his policies."

Among the list are several politicians who have endorsed Hillary Clinton. Senators D'Allesandro, Sgambati, Hassan and Estabrook all received $1,000 from Obama yet endorsed Clinton.

Total Disbursements To New Hampshire Politicians For Last Reporting Period:

Paul Hodes for Congress: $4,000.00
Carol Shea-Porter for Congress: $4,000.00
NH Democratic Party: $5,000.00
Jeanne Shaheen for Senate: $5,000.00
Hillsborough County Democrats: $1,000.00
Belknap County Democrats: $1,000.00
Janeway for Senate: $1,000.00
Sullivan County Democrats: $1,000.00
Rockingham County Democrats: $1,000.00
Iris Estabrook Campaign for State Senate: $1,000.00
John Shea: $1,000.00
Carroll County Democrats: $1,000.00
Strafford County Democratic Committe: $1,000.00
Merrimack County Democrats: $1,000.00
Grafton County Democrats: $1,000.00
Hollingsworth for Executive Council: $1,000.00
Cheshire County Democratic Committee: $1,000.00
New Hampshire for John Lynch: $5,000.00
New Hampshire for John Lynch: $1,000.00
Friends of Jackie Cilley: $1,000.00
Sgambati 4 Senate: $1,000.00
Comm. To Elect Lou D'Allesandro: $1,000.00
Maggie '08: $1,000.00
Friends of a Democratic Senate: $15,000.00
Committee to Elect House Democrats: $15,000.00
Coos County Democrats: $1,000.00
Martha Fuller Clark for State Senate: $1,000.00

Total: $73,000.00

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