Saturday, December 01, 2007

Graham: "Demographics Will Determine Your Future"

“I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help,” Senator Lindsey Graham began his speech at a college political convention.

The South Carolina Senator spent most of his speech discussing Social Security and the Iraq war.

Graham told the audience “If people in my business do not solve this problem sooner or later, it falls on your head.”

“The realities of demographics are boring has heck, but it will determine your future. You need to be looking for a presidential candidate that can step up to the plate and tell America, ‘change is coming,” Graham said.

Graham went on to argue that the Iraq surge is working.

“The surge is working. The 30,000 additional combat forces allowed us to overwhelm the enemy who found safe haven in Anbar Province. We went in with a massive military force and we destroyed or captured most of their forces in Anbar,” Graham said.

Not all of the attendants were convinced Graham successfully persuaded the attendees.

Irene Jacqz, a high school junior from Newburyport, Massachusetts said she found Graham’s answers to be “pretty polarizing and short term.”

Her classmate, Michelle Bradbury agreed saying, “he answered the questions directly but there answers I don’t agree with.”

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