Friday, November 30, 2007

Clinton Wants Obama To Pull Health Care Ad

Today, the Clinton campaign asked that Barack Obama pulls a New Hampshire campaign ad. According to the Clinton campaign, the ad is misleading because Obama claims his health care plan would cover all Americans. The Clinton camp argues that Obama's plan would leave out some Americans. The ad in question been running for over a month.

Obama spokesman Reid Cherlin responded, "The Clinton campaign didn't say a word when this ad was released a month ago, and the only thing that's changed since then is the poll numbers. The truth is, Barack Obama's universal plan will provide coverage to every single American who can't afford it and do more to cut the cost of health care than any other plan in this race. Rather than spending their time attacking Barack Obama, the Clinton campaign should explain how exactly they plan to force every American to buy health insurance even if they can't afford it."

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