Saturday, December 01, 2007

Maine Clinton Volunteers Calling New Hampshire Voters

This story shows one way campaigns plan too use out-of-state volunteers.

The story is from PolitickerME:

"Six people gathered in an empty classroom at the University of Southern Maine Thursday night over brownies and ginger ale.

After meeting briefly to talk about the script, they separated into corners of the room and started making phone calls. Today they were inviting people to a women’s summit for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and were also compiling a list of women willing to go publically on the record as supporting Clinton.

This was the hub of Clinton’s supporters in Portland. Except none of the numbers they dialed started in 207. They were calling women in New Hampshire."

For more go here: With all the hype on NH, will presidential candidates forget about Maine? Party leaders say it’s too soon to tell.

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