Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can You Really Ask Mitt Anything?

On Monday, December 17th Mitt Romney will be hosting an "Ask Mitt Anything" event at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

Monday, December 17th

1:45 p.m
Governor Mitt Romney Tours Insight Technology and Holds a "Strategy for a Stronger America: Strengthening our Military" Ask Mitt Anything
Insight Technology
9 Akira Way
Londonderry, NH

Ask Mitt Anything
Institute of Politics
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH


Anonymous said...

Again at St A's?!? How un-original Mitt! No wonder your campaign has imploded in Iowa and McCain appears poised to knock you off in NH.

Mark said...

yes you can absolutely ask Mitt anything. that is to say as long as what you are asking is why he loves freedom so much, or why banning gay marriage will win the war on terror.

Goose said...

What? I not sure I even know what you're trying to say with that comment. Mitt's the real deal. He is exactly the type of person we need for the next 4 years. He's obviously not perfect, but hes perfect for right now.

Mark said...

Well it's clear you have thought your decision out quite well. Why dont we ask Mitt why he changed his opinion on
-Gay Marriage
-Civil Unions
-Gun Rights

And then maybe for a finisher we can ask him why he lies? Like when he says he balanced the budget in Massachusetts- last time I checked, as soon as he left office there was uncovered a 3 billion dollar deficit in the state. Let's ask him how he was able to cut spending without raising taxes. Actually, we should probably ask the town mayors or selectmen that one, because when Romney cut local aid, most towns in Massachusetts had to have Prop 2.5 overrides to pay for police and fire departments. Or ask school districts why they now have to charge over $1,000 to students to play a sport. Oh wait, I can answer it myself, it's because mitt romney is a terrible leader.

So Goose, I guess if you want a caniving, lying, flip-flopper for the next 4 years, have fun with mitt