Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Salmon Press Endorses Clinton

Today, The Salmon Press newspapers endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. The Salmon press publishes 11 weekly newspapers in the North Country and the Lakes Region. In 2000 they endorsed Bill Bradley and Howard Dean in 2004.

"She is sincere and passionate about restoring fiscal responsibility, providing health care to all Americans, protecting the environment, keeping the tax burden off the middle class and earning the faith and trust of the American people," their endorsement read.

The 11 Salmon Press newspapers include: the Littleton Courier, Coos County Democrat (Lancaster, NH) and Berlin Reporter, the Granite State News (Wolfeboro, NH), Carroll County Independent (Conway, NH), Meredith News, Record Enterprise (Plymouth, NH), Winnisquam Echo (Tilton, NH), Gilford Steamer, Baysider (Alton, NH), and Mountain Ear (Conway, NH).

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Dave W said...

Actually, the first line of your piece is a wrong, although I know you came by it honestly! Apparently, the Clinton campaign took some liberties with the news. I have my Salmon Press paper in front of me. They did not endorse her for president. They endorsed Sen. McCain for the Republican nomination and they endorsed Sen. Clinton for the Democrat nomination. I'd give 'em an "E" for effort and for accuracy.