Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clinton's Year in Review

Today the Clinton campaign released a press release titled "NH FOR HILLARY READY: ONE MONTH TO GO: A YEAR IN REVIEW." Here are two excerpts from the press release.

ON THE TRAIL: Since mid-February of 2007, Hillary Clinton has criss-crossed the state of New Hampshire talking directly to New Hampshire voters about her plans to make real change happen in America. In 22 trips, Senator Clinton has answered questions directly from New Hampshire voters and over 43,000 people have attended campaign events. Her visits have included 11 house parties, 14 Town Hall Meetings, numerous stops to local coffee shops and book stores and three round tables with undecided voters.

19,300 Member strong NEA-NH and AFT-NH
13,000 Doors knocked in one weekend
7,000 Member strong AFSCME and IUPAT Union Endorsements
527 Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary
500 NH Educators for Hillary
500 NH Women for Hillary
352 Students Leaders for Hillary
333 Grassroots Activists for Hillary

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