Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clinton Supporters Argue Hillary's Electable

Since New Hampshire is considered a "swing state," I thought I would pass this along.

From The Clinton Campaign:

Supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton from red and swing states, including United States Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel of Arkansas today outlined why Senator Clinton is the most electable Democrat in the race for the nomination.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel: “I simply joined the call because of one critical point, which is that no Democrat has won the White House without carrying Arkansas. And Arkansas has been a critical state in presidential elections. Our six electoral votes were critical in 2000, such that hanging chads in Florida would have been irrelevant had we voted for the Democratic candidate. And there is no candidate that has a stronger and more active organization and energy here in Arkansas than Senator Clinton. That includes Mike Huckabee, our immediate past governor.”

UPDATE: This from the Edwards campaign: "Here's the deal. If we don't have a good person at the top of the ticket - someone who can help stop the hemorrhaging in Missouri, then we'll go red ... It's as simple as that. And it will affect state reps, state senators, treasurers, governors, everybody ... If Hillary comes to a state like Missouri, we can write it off."
- Missouri Democratic Whip Connie Johnson

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