Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kucinich Praises Groundwater Protest

From The Kucinich Campaign:

The citizen protest over the corporate extraction of local groundwater along the New Hampshire/Maine border is a good example of a "grassroots movement of people working to protect water from privatization," according to Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich, long an advocate for public administration of the public water supply, is chairman the Domestic Policy Committee, a subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee. The committee will take testimony next week at a hearing "Assessing the Environmental Risks of the Water Bottling Industry's Extraction of Groundwater."

The protest, set for Saturday at 1 p.m. in Fryeburg, Maine, has been dubbed the "Fryeburg Tea Party." It is being organized by Howard Dearborn, 89, of Fryeburg, a local business owner who is concerned about potential damage to Lovewell Pond from the continued extraction of groundwater by the Nestle/Poland Spring bottling operation. Lovewell Pond, located near Fryeburg Village, is spring-fed by the Fryeburg aquifer.

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