Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dems Want Cullen To Repudiate Comments By Michael Savage

Today the New Hampshire Democratic Party urged Fergus Cullen to condemn comments made be radio talk show host Michael Savage. Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley said in a statement "Michael Savage needs to hear from the Republican presidential candidates that this type of insulting and ignorant attack on our democratic process will not be tolerated. Fergus Cullen should show some leadership here and join me in standing up to protect our first in the nation status."

On Thursday, Savage said the following:

"Why are we still running elections like it's the 19th Century, where New Hampshire determines the election? A bunch of yokels in New Hampshire are going to determine the election as much as my dog is going to determine the election.

"What kind of rubbish is this that New Hampshire -- a bunch of drunks up there -- and Iowa, they're going to determine the outcome of an election? Who came up with that nonsense? That's like believing in Santa Claus. If you believe that a bunch of drunks in New Hampshire and a bunch of stamp collectors in New Hampshire and a bunch of corn farmers in Iowa really are going to predict who the next president is going to be, that is like believing in Santa Claus."


Anonymous said...

I don't get what Fergus has to do with Savage...Michael Savage is not a Republican and no one cares what he rants about on his show.

Anonymous said...

Savage is part of the Republican Noise Machine. He speaks directly to the far right majority of the Republican Party.

First, Fergus embraces the South Carolina GOP's move to scrunch up the calendar resulting in the Jan 8 primary with only four days between Iowa and NH.

Second, Fergus invites the RNC Chair to NH the week he stripped the NH Delegation of its seats - making the NH GOP primary a beauty contest.

Third, Fergus has made no effort to get the RNC to seat the delegation.

Just when will Fergus stand up for NH?