Sunday, December 09, 2007

Poll: Dems Race Tightening, Romney Continues To Lead

A newly released MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon New Hampshire polls shows the Democratic race tightening and Mike Huckabee in double-digits.

On the Republican side, the poll finds "Independents' support stands out here. McCain does not lead among them. In fact, he's essentially tied with Rudy and trails Romney by double digits. Notably, Romney leads by a wider margin among indies than he does among Republicans. "

While on the Democratic side, the poll concludes "Like Iowa, Hillary leads among women, but a quarter of women are undecided. Can Oprah make a difference for Obama here? Obama's support is overwhelmingly among independents and those under 50."

Clinton: 30%
Obama: 27%
Edwards: 10%

Romney: 25%
Giuliani: 17%
McCain: 16%
Huckabee: 11%

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