Monday, December 10, 2007

Obama Supporter: "Right Candidate For These Times"

The following campaign summary was submitted by Londonderry's Stacy Hinkley. Hinkley is an Obama supporter.

I was able to experience the most amazing night last night, and was most grateful to be able to bring my daughter with me. We attended the rally here in Manchester with Barack and Michelle Obama. The special guest of the evening was none other than Oprah Winfrey! I found the experience powerful and know in my heart my daughter had an experience, she will never forget.
Oprah spoke of why she is supporting this great man and how she feels now is the time, and this is the right candidate for these times we are now in. I share with Oprah these same feelings, and that is why this is the first election I have become involved in. I feel the urgency of now and see at the same time the right candidate for these times is Barack Obama.

I really feel blessed for being in New Hampshire and also the great honor of being able to vote for Obama in the primary. I became aware that for as strongly as I feel about this, that I had to do more. I feel the need to volunteer for the first time to a campaign, only because I have such a strong belief in my candidate. This election in my mind is so critical, it is not the time to be passive and think it will be ok. I became involved this time because we have in front of us a uniquely qualified man who I believe will bring us back together as a nation. We are in a critical moment in time and it will take a person with good judgment, a clear vision, and the life experience to lead us as a united country into a better future.

I have been paying very close attention to all the candidates, and have watched most of the debates for both parties. The more I pay attention, the stronger I feel about my candidate being the right one. I do believe this time we need someone with unique qualities, and for me that person is Barack Obama.

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