Thursday, December 13, 2007

McCain's Electability Argument

From The McCain Campaign:

Primary day is only 26 days away and new polling confirms a "McCain Surge" in New Hampshire. A 7News/Suffolk University poll, released yesterday, confirms John McCain's second place position here and shows him gaining steam on a deflating Mitt Romney. The poll also shows McCain with a favorable/unfavorable score of 69%/20%, the most positive image of any other Republican candidate.

"With Curt Schilling pitching and The Manchester Union Leader going to bat for him, John McCain is coming off the injured list and may well see action in the games that follow New Hampshire," said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.


Anonymous said...

I new that the public would start to see in Senator McCain what I already knew that he is the only candidate that has the experience as well as the qualifications to be president of the United States.

McCainVictory08 said...

I stuck with McCain through the dark days this summer because I knew brighter days were ahead and the Straight Talk Express would get back on course.

John McCain is the only candidate from either part who is ready to lead from Day 1!

Viva McCain

Anonymous said...

The United States would be lucky to have Senator Mccain as it's president considering he is over-qualified for the job.

Buddy said...

In terms of electability, it's McCain hands down. He's the candidate ahead of HRC in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, New Mexico. Not Rudy. Plus McCain puts Kentucky, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Minnesota in play for the GOP. Rudy may make losses in Conn. and NJ closer. Even wins there don't do you any good though if he loses Virginia, Ohio, and Iowa.