Friday, December 14, 2007

Fox News Poll: Clinton, Romney Leading

A Fox News poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama by 9 points. The poll also has Mitt Romney beating John McCain by 13 points.

"Despite Winfrey's attending the Obama campaign event in the Granite State, Clinton still bests Obama among women voters; he has gained a small bit of ground — narrowing Clinton’s advantage from 9 points to 4 points in the current poll.

Younger women break for Obama over Clinton by 23 points; women over age 45 give the edge to Clinton by 12 points," the poll finds.

Clinton: 34%
Obama: 25%
Edwards: 15%
Richardson: 6%
Biden: 2%
Kucinich: 2%
Dodd: 1%
Gravel: 1%

Romney: 33%
McCain: 20%
Giuliani: 16%
Huckabee: 11%
Paul: 8%
Thompson: 2%
Tancredo: 1%

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