Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition Endorses Edwards

From The Edwards Campaign:

The John Edwards for President campaign today announced the endorsements of the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition and its executive director, State Rep. Mo Baxley. The group cited Edwards' commitment to equal rights and fighting discrimination in all forms.

"I am proud to announce both our group's endorsement, as well as my personal endorsement, of John Edwards for president," Baxley said. "We took a long look at all of the candidates, we met with many of them, and in our judgment, John Edwards' sincere commitment to battling discrimination and ensuring equal rights for every American is unparalleled. He and his wonderful wife Elizabeth have spent their entire lives fighting for those without a voice and standing up for what is right. John Edwards will be the kind of president we can trust to stand up for everyday Americans."

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Anonymous said...

Good news! Go Edwards!